Mayfest 2020 is a day of CELEBRATIONS!  This year, Maytown will be 260 years old!  Our theme this year is Maytown Celebrations, and Mayfest will focus on Maytown’s four big birthday celebrations:

Old Home Week  – 1910    The Bicentennial – 1960    The 225th – 1985     Maytown 250 – 2010  There will be exhibits including artifacts from all of these birthday celebrations within a block of our town square.  And what is a birthday party without food?!  This year our specialty will be Whoopie Pies!  There will be whoopie pies in many different flavors for you to enjoy!  The early Mayfest celebrations included a wedding on the town square and this year we will bring back this tradition.  A local couple will recreate their wedding era and renew their vows in the town square.  Of course there will be vendors, demonstrators, food trucks, kids’ crafts, an art contest, a yearbook display, kids’ games, songs and dances by primary school students and the traditional maypole dance.  This is one day that you won’t want to miss!  Plan to come and celebrate our history with us!!