Maytowns 250th birthday

Maytown, PA

 Maytown 250th milk bottles

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Maytown, PA 17550

Maytown Historical Society

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Maytown 250 Event
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Maytown, PA


Sally Hastings Caroler sally_hastings caroler
EXCLUSIVE... Byers' Choice Caroler Created Especially for the Maytown Historical Society All orders must be received by May 2, 2010. (Deposit required)

Wooden Wagons  maytown 250th wooden wagon
Limited Edition wagons are handcrafted by local craftsman Dan Ebersole
Price:  $25.00  -  Available in red or green

Collector Baskets  maytown 250th baskets
American Traditions Lunchbox Basket featuring wooden lid with our 250th logo
Price:  $50.00

School Children's Print  maytown school children print
Maytown Elementary School students created an original painting of historic
town buildings in art classes while they learned about local architecture.
Print:  $20.00      NoteCards:  $10.00 (10 pack)

License Plates  maytown 250th license plates

License plates made locally by New Jersey Shell Castings
Price:  $25.00

Umbrella  maytown 250th umbrella

Price:  $12.00

Wood Nickels  maytown 250th wooden nickels

Price:  .25/each

Yo Yo's  maytown 250th yo yo's

Price:  $5.00

MirrorButton  maytown 250th mirror buttons

Price:  $5.00

WoodBlock  2010 maytown woodblock museum

Price:  $30.00

Mugs  maytown 250th mugs

Price:  $5.00

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