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Anniversary Book

Maytown Book
'Round the Square:
A 250 Anniversary History of Maytown, Pennsylvania
1760 - 2010

'Round the Square: A 250th Anniversary History of Maytown, PA 1760-2010" has arrived from the publisher, and many of the originally-ordered and purchased 470 copies have been distributed at the Maytown 250 Event on April 29 through May 2, 2010.

If you ordered and paid for a copy before the event took place, and have not yet received it, the reason is either a) you didn't pick it up at the event headquarters or b) you paid to have it mailed to your home. (Unbeknownst to us, the publisher has a policy of not mailing the books until they have received the last major payment for them. We mailed that check to them on May 4, so you should soon be receiving your copy in the mail. Call the main author, Bob Lescallette, if you don't receive it by May 24, and he will contact the publisher for an explanation and to get a response. His phone number is 717-426-1643.)

During the celebration, about 100 people ordered, and paid for, additional copies in a second shipment. The publisher will only sell us the book by a case, which means 24 copies have to be ordered per lot. We have placed an order for 4 cases to start. (An additional 4 copies are available at a future date, should further orders be placed.)

The price of the book is $53.00, which includes PA sales tax. If you want a book, but have not yet placed an order, please send a check made out to "Maytown Historical Society" to "Maytown Book, PO Box 96, Maytown, PA 17550." not delay, because the book is selling very well and supplies are limited. (If a second editon would be called for, the books would be much more expensive.)


Questions may be addressed to Bob Lescallette at the above phone number or via email at