Maytowns 250th birthday

Maytown, PA

Maytown 2010 woodblock museum

 Maytown 250th wooden wagons

 Maytown 250th wooden nickels

Maytown, PA 17550

Maytown Historical Society

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Maytown 250 Event
PO Box 96
Maytown, PA

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Program Committee:
Jack C. Frank (chairman), Connie Longenecker, Linda Good, Colleen Mackison, Rose Barr, Bill Earhart, Ruth Ebersole, Bob Frank, Jeanne Schall, Derek Boccagno, Joel Penwell, and Kody Wiseman

Finance Committee:
Fryth Genetti (chairman), Deb Gepfer, Rose Crouse, Dave Houseal, Scott Kingsboro, Michael Guinivan and "Buck" McNece

Decorations Committee:
Pascale Herzog (chairman), Pat Kirchner, Susan Corridon, Nicole Garner, Diane Leonard, Shirl Reich, Carol Eddins, Gene Kirchner, Mary Lou Grace, Colleen Mackison, and Chris Harnish

Book Committee:
Bob Lescallette (chairman), Bob Lauver, Mike Wolfe, Ruth Ebersole, and Jack H. Frank

Exhibition Task Forces:
Gordon R. Nell, Sr., Linda Good, Pascale Herzog, Diane Leonard, Jack H. Frank, Bob Lescallette, and Susan Darling

Food Committee:
Sara Gutshall (chairman), Connie Longenecker, Ruth Sweitzer, Mary Catherine Kelly, Stephanie Megonnell, Mary Armold, Gail Barclay, Janet Mohr, Mary Lou Grace, and Donna Howard

Arrangements Committee:
Scott Kingsboro (chairman), Scott Mackison, Ed Haugh, Allen Espenshade, Jeff Butler, Dan Ebersole, Matt Reich, and Jerry Hahn

Souvenir Committee:
Gordon R. Nell, Sr. (chairman), Shirl Reich, Deb Gepfer, and Sue Nell

Invitations and Hospitality Committee:
Pat Vogel (chairman), Larry Garber, and Jim Leonard

Publicity Committee:
Ruth Ebersole (chairman), Natalie Ebersole, and Bernadette Warman.


Program - Jack Frank, Jr. - 426-1621
Publicity - Ruth Ebersole - 426-4287
Invitations/Hospitality - Pat Vogel - 426-2360
Food - Sara Gutshall - 426-3802
Souvenir - Gordie Nell - 426-2786
Finance - Frith Genetti - 940-5327
Arrangements - Scott Kingsboro - 426-0225
Historical - Bob Lescallette - 426-1643
Decorations - Pascale Herzog - 426-2611
Executive Committee President - Pat Vogel- 426-2360