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Maytowns 250th birthday

250th Anniversary    

Maytowns 250th birthday cake

Maytown to publish new History Book -- ORDERS NEEDED!

The Maytown 250 Event organization will publish a special hard-bound pictorial history of Maytown for distribution on May 1, 2010 IF 300 PRE-PAID ORDERS ARE RECEIVED BY JUNE 30, 2009. The cost of the book is $39.75 (and that includes the tax). (If you want your name embossed on the cover, add $6.00 and if you want the book mailed directly to your home, add another $6.50.

Otherwise, you can pick it up at the museum in town, the event headquarters, or the Lutheran parsonage and save shipping costs.) Checks should be made out to "Maytown 250 Event" and sent to "Maytown 250 Event, PO Box 96, Maytown, PA 17550.

Questions may be addressed to Pastor Bob Lescallette, chair of the book committee, at 426-1643 or via mail at PO Box 473, Maytown, PA 17550.

The book will contain well over a hundred photographs and at least 96 pages of text. The exact length of the volume is not yet known because if enough patrons purchase pages in the book and orders in excess of 300 are received, then that will add to the length. Individuals, families, churches, clubs, businesses and other groups in the community who wish to purchase half or whole page "patron pages" in color or black and white should also inquire about the costs and parameters of the opportunity to share your story with posterity.


Order forms were placed in the May 20, 2009 issue of the Merchandizer and distributed to all the households in the 17550 and 17547 zip codes. Additional order forms are available at the Maytown Office of the Union National Community Bank, the Maytown post office, and the Lutheran parsonage at 8 West High Street in Maytown. (You need not, however, use an official order form provided you give us the requisite information of your name, address, phone number, and---if you desire the embossing of your name---the exact wording of the embossing.


- Bob Lescallette

On May 1, 2010 - Maytown will be 250 years old

Question:  Will there be a big party that brings our community together the way the parties in 1910, 1960, and 1985 did?
Answer:  Only if enough people who live in Maytown today want it to happen, and are willing to work together to make it so.

How about you Neighbor? If so, Read on…..

Question:  What would such a party look like?
Answer:  We don't know. That's the job of the people who work on the many committees to determine. A possible celebration might include 3 or 4 days of parades, a picnic, concerts, a drama, a video, dances, souvenir sales, ecumenical church services with community choirs, a French and Indian war battle reenactment, open houses, archival displays, sports events, decorating contests, fireworks, etc… One possible idea that has surfaced in preliminary discussion is a performance of the play "Our Town" on the town square; another is the production of an "Our Town: Maytown" video.

Question:  How can I help?
Answer:  Join a planning committee

Question:  What committees are there to choose from?
Answer:  There are 9 committees: Finance, Program, Historical, Souvenir, Food, Decorations, Publicity, Hospitality, and Arrangements

Question:  How do I learn more about what these committees are to do?
Answer:  Just call Bob Lescallette, at 426-1643, or write him at PO Box 473, Maytown, PA 17550. (Or simply talk to him on the street! He's the Pastor of St. John's Lutheran Church and lives at 8 West High Street.

Question:  How much time do I have to think about this?
Answer:  Not much! The deadline for filling all the committees is the end of April, 2008. On May 1, 2008, the chairmen of the 9 committees will meet as an Executive Board for the first time to see if there is enough interest to go ahead with the event

Question:  How do I volunteer?
Answer:  Tell Bob Lescallette of your commitment and committee choice. He will then notify others that have indicated a willingness to serve on the same committee, and the committee will meet for the first time in late April, to elect a chairman and secretary

Question:  Who may volunteer?
Answer:  Any adult or youth with the interest to serve, be they a resident of Maytown, East Donegal Township, or anywhere!

Question:  If the Executive Board determines that there is enough support to go ahead with the celebration in 2010, what's next?
Answer:  Committees will begin to do preliminary work, with plans finalized at least in broad detail, by May 1, 2009. That leaves a year to work on details and carry out plans.

Question:  Why begin so early?
Answer:  Two years is NOT a lot of time to prepare a major event such as is envisioned. Funds need to be raised; material needs to be ordered; celebrities and groups need to put the event on their busy schedules; legal issues have to be dealt with; souvenirs have to be designed and ordered; etc….. There's plenty to do!

Thanks for reading this, Neighbor!

Now, all you have to do is pick up the phone and volunteer to lend a hand

We're hoping you do so…and speak up soon, so that we can all celebrate the special town that we call "HOME", Maytown U.S.A.

Maytowns 250th Birthday

In case you haven't looked at the calendar much, and haven't done the arithmetic, we are fast approaching the centennial of Maytown's biggest party, 1910's Old Home Week, the celebration of our village's founding in 1760.

You may recall that another town birthday, the 225th, proved to be the motivating force behind the creation of the Maytown Historical Society. In 1985, our one-year-old society "pulled out all the stops" with a big parade, a large stage on the town square, visiting dignitaries, like the descendents of Simon Cameron and the assistant to the British ambassador, a German band, and orations by lots of local politicians.

It was a great event, back in 1985, but having studied and put together a museum exhibit on Old Home Week of 1910, it is clear to me that it paled in comparison to all the hoopla of the past.

In 1910, nearly EVERYONE in town (all 800 of us) played a part in organizing, carrying out, and attending the party---as if it were their own---because it was!!! Wouldn't that be great (and a real challenge) to us, the Maytown of 2010, to be similarly involved---and to defy the common wisdom (and , sad to say, all too frequent experience) that people today don't care about community anymore---or that all today's people care about is making money (in places usually far distant from Maytown), getting their kids involved in organized sports, and having their "off " time completely to themselves.

Maybe having an Old Home Week again might be just the thing to help Maytonians get to know their neighbors, get to know (and prize) their history, and cause us to work together for the common good and enrichment of our community.

What do you think?

Towards the end of 2007, or start of 2008, some of us, at the MHS, will try and get the "ball" rolling, by approaching many other groups and individuals in Maytown, to see if they are interested in helping to make the big "family reunion" possible. (Of course, you can express your own support and willingess to help, dear reader, at any time.)

Concrete plans can, of course, not be finalized until a steering committee is in place to represent the wide variety of persons and groups that make up our town, but I suspect there will be an abundance of jobs that will need to be done. A short list of them might be:

  1. To compile a list of the names of all known living former residents of town and to invite them to the affair via a special mailing.

  2. To survey the community to see what housing might be available ---including not only commercial hotels, motels, and B&B's, but private homes---and to forward that information to respondents who have indicated their intention to attend.

  3. To open an event bank account and handle the reception and disbursement of income---also to secure financial backers.

  4. To plan a program, which might include a week-long succession of varied activities---including parades, picnics, games, dances, church services, concerts, exhibits, open houses, speeches, plays, etc. etc. etc.

  5. To handle the creation and sale of souvenirs in the form of both "gift"-type items and printed matter---including, perhaps, a new and comprehensive history of the town.

  6. To decorate the town.

  7. To leave some lasting material remembrance of the event. (In 1910, it was the pump and the square's central island.)

  8. To handle publicity for the event in all sorts of media.

  9. To invite celebrities in various walks of life.

  10. To handle transportation and road closure issues.

  11. To provide for emergency medical services.

  12. To provide for crowd control, traffic control, and information/hospitality services.

  13. To encourage the writing of songs, poems, dramas, and other musical or literary offerings, as well as art and sculptural works that tell Maytown's story and celebrate her past.

  14. To complete the restoration of the museum building and provide for a suitable exhibition therein.

  15. To amass artifacts still in private hands, for a grand exhibition of Maytoniana---possibly at Maytown School, as in 1910.

  16. To produce a video on town history and on the celebration, itself, and to thoroughly record everything that happens.

I know that's a heap of work---but it should also be a heap of fun---and a powerful tool in community-building that attendees will remember all their lives. So if you're willing to help , talk to me sooner rather than later, and we'll see if we can't move that mountain of apathy that always delights in trying to frustrate dreams.

Are you ready for 2010?

Bob Lescallette,
March 12, 2007 A.D.

PO Box 293
Maytown, PA
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Maytown Wood Block House Collection
Maytown Wood Block House Collection