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Maytowns 250th birthday


The 2007 Mayfest, scheduled for Saturday, May 5th, will feature the theme "Made in Maytown", and it will be held at the square and museum from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM, the customary hours.

Featured will be artisans showing off their skills and taking us back to a time when power tools did not exist and all you needed was a "good eye", a steady hand, a little "elbow grease", and lots of talent. While the exact "mix" of craftsmen present to demonstrate their "antique" arts is not known at the time that this newsletter went to print, we hope to have among them a blacksmith, carpenter-joiner, weaver, broom-maker, woodcarver, cigar maker, gunsmith, and others. We might even find someone to make music! As usual, we will have a food tent with grilled hot dogs, mint tea and lemonade, soft drinks, homemade soups, and luscious desserts. There will be plenty for the young to do at the kid's craft table, and "old fashioned" games such as jumping rope, hop-scotching, marble shooting, horseshoe pitching, and other activities should be quite popular.

The Maytown/East Donegal Museum will of course be open, with the premiere of a new exhibit that echoes the Mayfest theme; Maytown souvenirs will be available at the souvenir table (including new woven goods); and let's not forget what makes the Mayfest what it is: Maytown School students dancing in the square around our giant Maypole---with all those gorgeous pastel-hued streamers catching in the Spring breeze and forming a lovely basket weave around the pole, as anxious kids and their parents hope that things don't go awry!

It all comes to a close with the famous "walks", where you will have a chance to win a delicious cake, contributed by the generous and gifted chefs of the ville. (Marie Antoinette was, after all, right, in saying "Let them eat cake!" It's great stuff....especially in Maytown, USA! So please join us in making Mayfest '07 what it should be---a celebration of our lovely town by its inhabitants! Hope to see you Maytowners (and everyone else who reads these words!) around the square for a day of fun!

(AND, BY ALL MEANS, MEMBERS: LEND US A HAND! ) It's great fun to work at a stand or at some other venue and, as a small society; we really could use your help! Don't be shy in offering it! Give Pascale a call, and she'll be happy to give you a job! "
Pascale Herzog - Event Chairman

PO Box 293
Maytown, PA
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Maytown Wood Block House Collection
Maytown Wood Block House Collection