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2006 - A Log House Tour

2006 House Tour

The Maytown Historical Society will sponsor 'A Log House Tour' on Saturday November 4, 2006. The homes on this year's tour will provide you a glimpse into Maytown's history. All the homes were built in the mid to late 18th and early 19th century, and are an example of the 25 plus log homes that still exist within Maytown. Enjoy the tour!

Homes on this year's tour include:

1. The home of Ken and Connie Ginder at 1894 Donegal Springs Rd.
2. The home of Jim and Diane Leonard at 349 Stackstown Rd.
3. The Reich's Evangelical Church at 338 Stackstown Rd.
4. The home of Ed and Deb Gehman at 160 West High Street
5. The home of Andy and Wendy Mylin at 125 West High Street
6. The home of Den and Chris Emswiler at 121 West High Street
7. The Maytown/East Donegal Museum at 4 W. High Street
8. The home of Ken and Arla Henry at 22 North River Street
9. The home of Matt and Shirl Reich at 110 East High Street
10. The home of Mike and Sonia Ross at 12 Church Street

Ladies and Gentleman are cordially invited to step back in time to experience Maytown's colonial heritage by enjoying a delicious dessert and beverage at the Royal George Coffee House. Named after our king in 1760, George III, the house is located at 24 South River Street in a mansion that was built in 1875 and which was home to a Maytown tobacco baron. Today, it is home to Chris and Pascale Herzog and their family, who moved in two years ago. Costumed waiters will serve a varied and tempting array of fine cakes, pies, puddings, and drinks, as 18th century music plays in the background. The establishment will be open from 1 to 4 in the afternoon for your refreshment.

Tour tickets may be pre-purchased by phoning either Shirl Reich, at 426-4390 or Donnis Young, at 426-2073. On the day of the tour, tickets can be purchased at the museum.

Proceeds from the event benefit the work of the Maytown Historical Society by helping to fund museum improvements, archive acquisitions, programs at meetings, museum displays and many other components of our work as the custodian of the past.

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Maytown, PA
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Maytown Wood Block House Collection
Maytown Wood Block House Collection