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2007 Autumn Amble - House Tour

2007 House Tour

The Maytown Historical Society is sponsoring a house tour on Saturday, September 29, 2007, from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM, which has been given the alliterative name: "The Autumn Amble". Tickets to the event may be obtained in advance, at a cost of $8.00 per person, or one may purchase tickets on the day of the tour for $10.00.

The tour is an eclectic one, featuring town structures with various purposes and various vintages. A ticket will provide you with admission to the following properties:

1. The home of Charlie and Pauline Shirk Johns at 144 S. River St.
2. The home of Jack and Donnis Young at 6 E. Elizabeth St.
3. The Maytown Reformed Church (UCC) at E. Elizabeth St.
4. The home of Carol Eddins and Susan Corridon at 9 S. River St.
5. Houseal's General Store at 15 E. High St.
6. The home of Ernest and Vernetta Wallander at 9 Center Square
7. The Maytown/East Donegal Museum at 4 W. High St.
8. The Maytown Manor B&B at 25 W. High Street
9. The home of Bill and Pat Johnstin Vogel at 155 Vinegar Ferry Rd.

Sandwiches and desserts will be available at the "Royal George Coffee House" which one can find at 24 South River Street. The "bistro", which is named after Maytown's sovereign lord at the time of the town's founding in 1760, George, the Third, is actually located in an 1875 tobacco baron's mansion, which is currently owned by Chris and Pascale Herzog and their family, Margot and Phillipe. The establishment will open at noon and close at 5:00 PM. There will be a special live performance by a local guitar player during the afternoon, along with 18th Century music on tape, at other times. You need not purchase a tour ticket in order to dine at the Royal George and please note that the tour ticket does not include food purchased at the inn. Those who do purchase a tour ticket will, however, be eligible to receive a free cup of coffee at the inn between 10:30 and 11:00 AM if they so desire.

Tour tickets may be pre-purchased by phoning either Shirl Reich, at 426-4390 or Donnis Young, at 426-2073. On the day of the tour, tickets can be purchased at the museum.

Proceeds from the event benefit the work of the Maytown Historical Society by helping to fund museum improvements, archive acquisitions, programs at meetings, museum displays and many other components of our work as the custodian of the past.

Please join us on the 29th of this month and have not only a splendid "autumn amble" through Maytown's lovely streets and buildings, but enjoy a trip back in time to a colonial inn, with its gastronomic wonders, and feel great about supporting your society's life! "

Shirl Reich - Event Chairman

PO Box 293
Maytown, PA
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Maytown Wood Block House Collection
Maytown Wood Block House Collection