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Maytowns 250th birthday

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Maytown Reformed Church
Maytown Reformed Church
built 1807

Erected in 1807/1808 to replace an earlier log structure, this brick "meeting house" style church was built on the corner of Coffee Goss Road and East Elizabeth Street with funds raised from a lottery. It is home to Maytown's oldest organized congregation, with records dating from 1765. In the mid-nineteenth century, the interior of the building was divided into two floors to accommodate the new Sunday School movement. A tower was added in 1893 and altered following a fire in 1916 which resulted in the founding of the local fire company.

Stained glass windows of varying styles honor Zwingli, a Swiss reformer, Simon Cameron, a native politician who was a benefactor to the congregation, and Bayard Taylor, a nineteenth century poet, lecturer, and diplomat, whose roots were in Maytown and who is further honored by a monument in the adjoining cemetery, near his grandparents' graves. A former minister of the church, the Rev. Mitzell, was an active proponet of amateur baseball and the father of cowboy movie star, Cameron Mitchell.

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Maytown, PA
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Maytown Wood Block House Collection
Maytown Wood Block House Collection